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Quality policy:

produces and delivers cast, machined and assembled assemblies, meeting customer and applicable requirements, promoting continuous improvement, employee development, partnership with suppliers, respect for the environment and business sustainability.

Quality Objectives:

CERCENA's Quality Policy is implemented through the involvement and commitment of all employees of the organizational structure with the Quality Objectives.
CERCENA defines its objectives as being:
                       - Meet the relevant Client and Legislation Requirements;
                       - Employee Development;
                       - Partnership with Suppliers;
                       - Respect for the Environment;
                       - Continuous Improvement;
                       - Business Sustainability.


CERCENA defines its ISO 9001: 2015 certification scope as being:

“Production of cast iron parts supplied in casting, machined and assembled assemblies.”
“Production of Cast iron parts in raw condition of casting machined and assembled sets.”

The development of this scope takes place through the production and supply of castings, machined and assembled assemblies for various market segments, using the machining processes of cold and shell machinery, sand molding to the green, casting and casting of ferrous alloys Gray and nodular castings in finishing conditions: blasted / shattered, oiled, with primer paint, with electrostatic powder coating; and with aggregate services of machining, painting and heat treatment.


                CERCENA S.A. Metallurgical Industry
                CNPJ: 89.423.040 / 0001-50
                Street: Rua Salomão Ioshpe, 361 - Dist. Industrial
                PO Box: 101
                City: Erechim - Zip Code: 99706-532
                Phone: (54) 2107-1300 FAX: (54) 2107-1301


                8.3 Design and Development of Products and Services: The scope of CERCENA's Quality Management System does not include any kind of development of new products or services. The company is dedicated only to provide services requested by customers.

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