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Warranty procedure

Imagem Empresa Cercena

Cercena products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects, however, we do not guarantee:

- Misuse;

- Inadequate installation;

- Incorrect application of the product;

- Non-Cercena parts;

- Warranty period of 1 year from the date of issue of the invoice of sale;

- Products altered and / or modified by the customer;

- Wear and tear caused by improper installation;

- Improper storage.

In order to make the exchange of the part, one must follow the reverse flow of the purchase, where the final customer leads to the distributor and the distributor sends to the factory.


The Invoices must be issued in the nature of the transaction "Return of purchase".

For issuing the invoices must be followed as described below:

NATURE OF OPERATION: Return of Purchase


RS: 5,201, 5,202, 5,410, 5,411

- Other States: 6,201, 6,202, 6,410, 6,411

CST, ICMS, IPI and ICMS ST: As issued by NF de Venda.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Inform the sales tax issued by Cercena S / A.

- When possible, the Client forwards the invoice in order for an accounting conference to later return the merchandise.

- Freight: It is the responsibility of the customer to request the carrier to collect the merchandise.

- Note: Except in some situations, Cercena will inform the customer the carrier contact to request the shipment of the merchandise.

- The freight must come from the customer, that is, freight paid. In cases, when confirmed manufacturing problems, Cercena will reimburse the freight.

Form ofTechnical assistance

Supplier information

Dealer details

Applicator data

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